Now MONISTAT® goes beyond curing yeast infections to complete feminine care.

In the health and wellness realm, feminine needs require special care. MONISTAT®, the trusted brand that created the #1 doctor recommended OTC yeast infection cure, also has a line of COMPLETE CARE products that work to help women feel their best. The line includes a vaginal health test that is the same test used by doctors, a unique vaginal gel that will help eliminate odor and restore feminine freshness, a probiotic that is clinically shown to help maintain urinary and vaginal health, a Powder Gel® that helps relieve chafing and razor burn, and instant itch relief cream.

Monistat<sup>®</sup> Complete Care™ Vaginal Health Products

Complete Care

1-Day Maximum Strength Treatment Miconazole
1-Day Treatment Tioconazole Ointment 6.5%
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Complete Care product family description.


Vaginal Health Test

It might not be a yeast infection. Test before you treat with the same one-step test used by doctors. Read and follow the instructions carefully when using the test and contact your doctor with any questions you may have.*

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Oral capsules taken daily like vitamins that are clinically shown to help maintain vaginal and urinary tract health.

Use as directed.

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Instant Itch Relief Cream

Don’t just numb the skin! Stop the itch with this maximum strength cream, which contains the #1 doctor recommended ingredient, hydrocortisone.

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Stay Fresh Feminine Freshness Gel

Don’t just mask the odor; help eliminate it and restore feminine freshness. In testing, 90% of women agreed that it helped eliminate feminine odor and RESTORE feminine FRESHNESS.1

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Chafing Relief Powder Gel®

Helps reduce the appearance of redness that can develop after shaving or waxing the bikini area.

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