Now MONISTAT® goes beyond curing yeast infections to complete feminine care.

In the health and wellness realm, feminine needs require special care. MONISTAT®, the trusted brand that created the #1 doctor recommended OTC yeast infection cure, also has a line of COMPLETE CARE products that work to help women feel their best. The line includes a vaginal health test that is the same test used by doctors, a unique vaginal gel that will help eliminate odor and restore feminine freshness, a Powder Gel® that helps relieve chafing and razor burn, and instant itch relief cream.

Monistat<sup>®</sup> Complete Care™ Vaginal Health Products


1-Day Maximum Strength Treatment Miconazole
Monistat<sup>®</sup> 1 Maximum Strength Yeast Infection Treatment
1-Day Treatment Tioconazole Ointment 6.5%
Monistat<sup>®</sup> 1 Yeast Infection Treatment Tionconazole Ointment
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This selection of single-dose products (1200 mg of miconazole nitrate) may be the perfect solution for women who are busy and don’t have time to take 3 to 7 doses to treat a yeast infection. The product variety of MONISTAT® 1 allows for an assortment of one-dose treatments featuring the convenient LESS MESS Ovule® that adheres to the vaginal walls for fast relief with less mess. The MONISTAT® 1 LESS MESS Ovule® stays in place and can therefore be used any time during the day or night, making it a great solution for women who don’t want to wait until bedtime to begin treating their yeast infection, or those who exercise frequently or engage in a high level of activity.

MONISTAT®1 Combination Pack 1 LESS MESS Ovule® treatment is just as effective as the leading prescription treatment in curing a yeast infection and is the #1 doctor recommended over-the-counter (OTC) brand. MONISTAT®1 Combination Pack LESS MESS Ovule® treatment begins to relieve symptoms in as little as 4 hours, unlike the leading prescription, which can take 16-24.

1-Day Treatment Tioconazole Ointment 6.5%

Ingredient Note: The active ingredient in MONISTAT® 1 1-DAY™ (tioconazole 6.5%) is not the same active ingredient found in MONISTAT® 7, MONISTAT® 3 or MONISTAT® 1. Be sure to read the package insert and directions for use before using any MONISTAT® 1 product.

While MONISTAT® 1 products offer the most time-convenient yeast infection treatment course, most women do not experience relief from the infection in just one day. If you do not feel some relief within 3 days, or complete relief within 7 days, stop using the product and consult your doctor.