Menopause Shmenopause


Before I hit menopause it was this big scary thing. Now, not so much.
Now I take things in stride. And when something like a yeast infection comes
along, I deal with it. I go to the store, pick up MONISTAT® and the problem
is solved. Sometimes it really is that simple."

Yeast infections can happen at virtually any age.

Hormone fluctuations and yeast infections go hand in hand because the presence
of estrogen is an important factor in yeast infections. That is why yeast infections are
common during the childbearing years. But, that does not mean that postmenopausal
women can forget about yeast infections. Many postmenopausal women still have
to deal with the overgrowth of yeast (candida) and its unpleasant symptoms.

Relax and reach for MONISTAT®.

Chances are your yeast infection is nothing to be alarmed about,
and MONISTAT® products will take care of it. But if you think your
symptoms are signaling something more serious, you should
definitely talk with your doctor. We've provided questions about
yeast infections after menopause to discuss with your doctor

to get the dialogue started.

Melissa always relies on MONISTAT®
7-Day treatments.


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