• When you think you have a yeast infection, you want to be sure. The Vaginal Health Test is the same test used by doctors to help you know whether it could be a yeast infection.

  • Cream - Our maximum-strength cream helps stop intense itch instantly. Long-lasting and Fragrance-Free. 1% Hydrocortisone

    Spray - Our maximum-strength spray helps stop intense itch instantly with a convenient "no touch" spray for easy-to-use application. Lasting relief. Preservative Free. 20% Benzocaine

  • These individually wrapped Paraben Free cloths cool, clean, and soothe vaginal irritation on-the-go! Made with Aloe and Vitamin E for extra relief.

  • For days when you want a little extra help, our odor control gel will eliminate odor and restore feminine freshness. Long lasting and specially formulated for vaginal pH.

  • This one-of-a-kind, non-greasy Powder Gel® provides daily prevention and protection from skin chafing and irritation caused by moisture, heat, movement and shaving, with a silky, smooth finish.