Vaginal Health in Your 30s

During this decade, many women begin to think about planning a family while others are focused on busy lifestyles and want to ensure they avoid or postpone getting pregnant. Either way, it’s a busy time as many women often begin to experience significant life changes like getting married, having a family or focusing on their careers.

Find tips below for vaginal health in your 30s, and click the video link to hear what Dr. Alyssa Dweck, OB/GYN, author and expert on women’s health has to say about vaginal health during this decade:

In your 30s:

  • Get pap smears and HPV tests every three to five years
  • Due to hormonal changes, vaginal yeast infections are 50% more likely to occur during pregnancy
  • If you know you have a yeast infection (and it isn’t your first), try MONISTAT® in the feminine hygiene aisle of your local store

Hear What an OB/GYN Has to Say About Vaginal Health

Women’s health expert Dr. Alyssa Dweck shares her perspective on vaginal health in your 30s.

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