Cooling Relief for Women on the Go

Symptoms of vaginal burning, redness or irritation could be cause for concern: Will your life and schedule need to come to a standstill so you can treat whatever is going on? Will you need to make a trip to the pharmacy during lunchtime? Will this turn into something that will require a visit to your healthcare professional?

Our vaginas and their pH don’t always cooperate with our busy lives or our social calendars, which can be frustrating, especially when you feel uncomfortable symptoms at work, in the grocery store, or somewhere equally inconvenient.

The good news is, MONISTAT® Care™ Cooling Cloths can help to address vaginal concerns on the go and provide fast relief from vaginal discomfort. These individually-wrapped cloths can be carried discreetly in a purse or pocket for instant, on-the-go cooling on contact.

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Do you have a yeast infection?

Do you have a yeast infection?

Answer a few questions and find out what your symptoms mean.

About MONISTAT® Care™ Cooling Cloths

When you have burning, redness or irritation, or just need to feel refreshed, you want quick relief. Individually wrapped Cooling Cloths are specifically designed for external use and gentle enough for daily use. Keep one in your bag for whenever you want that fresh and clean feeling.

  • Cools and Cleanses
  • Soothes with Aloe and Vitamin E
  • Paraben Free
  • Balanced for a Woman's Natural pH
  • Will not treat yeast infections.

Keep an Eye on Your Symptoms

Minor irritations can come and go. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.

Monistat FAQ

Monistat FAQ

Get answers to questions from women just like you.